CR&F Reserva Extra Aguardente Velha - 700ml

CR&F Reserva Extra Aguardente Velha - 700ml

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This is the ex-llbris of the PremiumCarvahlo, Ribeiro & Ferrira "eau de vie"family.
It is such a special Spirit that it has to be protected an exclusively design, partially handcrafted bottle that give each piece its own distinct identity. The basis of this "extre" batch is constituted by a selection of the best national spirits.

This batch was preserved for over 30 years, having evolved over time and gaining an incomparable touch of age and value. Allied with an indescibable scent enriched and preserved by the contact with wood.

They are proud to clam that this is probably the best old wine spirit produced in Portugal.

The prolonged wood maturation gives it's a crystalline appearance, with a dark topaz colour and an intense yet simultaneously smooth and persistent aroma

Service :Demands ambient emotional involvement request a certain ritual consumed in a special glass"ballon" with a cigar