Essências de Portugal

Candle "Saudade"

To complete the collection of candles, the fifth aroma is more woody, developed through sublime touches of pine, cedar and patchouli, combined with a fresh aroma of pine branches chosen with dedication. This candle elevates the spirit and allows to relieve tiredness.200grVanilla Amber / Orange ..


Cork Jewel-Keeper - Tradition

Cork combines the refinement of the charm of an older world with the technical capabilities of a new world. This is one of the most typical natural products of Portugal and is the largest world producer of cork, with abundant cork oaks in the Alentejo region, being used in the corks of the best..


Soap Aromas 80gr

80g aromatic soaps with essential oils and scents properly selected to suit during the seasons...


Soap Natura 150gr

The Natura collection, which consists of five 150g soaps with carefully selected natural ingredients, inspired by the passion for typical products that are originated in the Nature of Portugal, brings you distinct aromas and unique elegance.Fig And CassisAloe Vera AlmondLavender And ThymeGrape..


Soap Portugal 50gr

The Viver Portugal collection aims to make our places and their stories known. Composed of typically Portuguese places and symbols, this collection is dedicated to the history of Portugal...


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