Adamus 20 Years Old Wine Spirit - 700ml

From the robustness of the classic 90’s Bairrada wines, a batch with ideal physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics was selected, under the empire of the Baga grape variety. The joviality of the wine was taken as an advantage and a carefully distillation was initiated in the discontinuos c..


Adamus Marc Spirit - 700ml

Its origin goes back to distant times in Portugal’s history. The current and inadequate image, less noble and discredited, of a rustic beverage and full of history would have to be restored. After 4 generations producing traditional marc spirits, time came to produce a marc spirit that was able to ..


CR&F Reserva Extra Aguardente Velha - 700ml

This is the ex-llbris of the PremiumCarvahlo, Ribeiro & Ferrira "eau de vie"family. It is such a special Spirit that it has to be protected an exclusively design, partially handcrafted bottle that give each piece its own distinct identity. The basis of this "extre" batch is constituted by a sel..


Macieira XO - 700ml

Date back 1865, Macieira is been enjoyed for many years and is a Portugal's long-produced brandy. Distilled from wines made using local grapes and aged in oak to produced an easy drinking spirit. Recognized internationally, Macieira has won several awards since its presence at the World Exhibition i..


MAD Aguardente de Medronho - 500ml

Produced from fruit trees harvested in the Alentejo region in the Portel area, very close to the Alqueva dam, this brandy combines the traditional methods of production with the latest technology to produce a 100% natural product, whose origin is controlled from the fruit to the bottle . Since nothi..


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