Fabridoce - Doces Regionais, Lda

Bolinhos de Amendoim 200g

Dry product, rounded with peanuts on the surface...


Bolos de Gema Gourmet 250g

Cakes made with sponge cake covered with sugar, appreciated at popular festivals and local festivities for their soft texture covered with a thin layer of sugar. The sweet, crunchy exterior with the soft, slightly sweet interior make this cake a delicious delicacy!..


Línguas da Sogra Gourmet 100g

It is believed that the origin of this thin, crunchy, cone-shaped cookie is associated with the beginning of Christianity and is derived from the divine bread that was distributed to the faithful in churches. In medieval times it was much appreciated by kings, bourgeois and great lords and was later..


Mós de Chocolate 200g

The millstones of the old mills serve as inspiration for this delicious biscuit. A wonderful combination of crispy and velvety biscuit filled with the finest chocolate with hazelnut aroma. Delight yourself in a unique moment of flavor and enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures!..


Ovos Moles de Aveiro 250g

Ovos Moles de Aveiro IGP is the tourist and gastronomic icon of the Aveiro region. Born in the 16th century in the Convent of Jesus of Aveiro, they are obtained by combining yolk with sugar syrup and traditional know-how, following the conventual recipe transmitted in secret over generations...


Telhas de Amêndoa Gourmet 130g

Telhas de Amêndoa are a relatively new product, considered by some to be part of the wafer range, combining a careful selection of ingredients – almond, sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla flavouring – delicately baked and served in the shape of tiles. It is the perfect company for tea...


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