Diplomata Biscuit

Diplomat "Capinhas" Cracker 125g

The Capinhas biscuit is formed by small blades. Very light and neutral, it goes perfectly with a cheese spread, a sweet or even plain. Serve with coffee, tea or wine.Packaging: 125g..


Ondina Sesame Wafer Diplomata 125g

Fantastic combination of a salt and water cracker with Sesame seeds.Delicious plain, with sweet, salty or with any kind of cheese.Free from sugar, lactose, yeast and preservatives.Packing: 125g..


Seven Leaves Diplomata Wafer 125g

Truly unique, it stands out for its thin agglomerated leaves, resulting in a delicious light and crispy puff pastry. Excellent with cheese, pâtés, sweets or simply with a good coffee.Sugar Free, Lactose Free, Traditional Production, 100% Portuguese.Packing: 125g..


Sweets Cinnamon "Capinhas" Wafer Diplomata 125g

Formed by crispy thin layers, they are light and delicious!Perfect harmony with cinnamon.Excellent with a good coffee or tea.Package: 125g..


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