Moga D'Oyro

Paprika-coated goat’s milk cheese - 300gr

EXTERIOR: Semi-hard, well bound, straw-yellow in color. Smooth and thin rind coated with paprika. INTERIOR: Ivory-colored, homogeneous, soft texture. After ripening for 25 to 30 days its paste is smooth and creamy. FLAVOUR: Sweet and buttery lactic bouquet, pleasant creaminess. Duri..


Ripened cow’s milk cheese - 500gr

EXTERIOR: Golden, semi-soft and thin rind. Firm and smooth. Even surface bound with cloth ribbon. INTERIOR: Ivory-colored, homogeneous soft and creamy. Texture is closed and buttery. Few even holes resultant from natural fermentation. FLAVOUR: Medium intensity and lactic and creamy. S..


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