Quinta da Lixa

Aromas das Castas - 750ml

QUINTA DA LIXA ALVARINHO / TRAJADURA The Alvarinho grape variety is one of the least productive in the world.Look for hints of stone fruits such as peaches. This variety also has notes of orange blossom, giving elegance and complexity to the whole.The Trajadura grape variety enhances the body and lo..


O tal Vinho da Lixa Red - 750ml

The careful selection of the best grapes from the Vinhão, Azal red and Borraçal varieties, which are fermented in vats, results in this dark coloured wine with an aroma with some vegetal notes, full-bodied and smooth in the mouth, a well-balanced acidity and a slight astringency.. The perfect accom..


O tal Vinho da Lixa White - 750ml

This wine is made from grape varieties traditionally used in the Vinho Verde Region, such as Trajadura, Loureiro, Azal and Pedernã. With a citrine colour, it has a fruity aroma with some floral notes.In the mouth it is well-balanced and persistent. Its natural acidity brings out its fruity character..


Quinta da Lixa Reserva Alvarinho - 750ml

This wine from the Alvarinho grape variety expresses the singularity and originality of our terroir, with soils in which the mixture of the very typical granite from the Vinho Verde Region with the most typical shale in the Douro Region results in a wine of great freshness and minerality, structured..


Quinta da Lixa Reserva Red - 750ml

A red wine with great structure and capacity of evolution; a wine capable of being paired with dishes of great complexity and signature cuisine. Grapes harvested when they are over ripe so as to strengthen the fruit notes and tame the tannins of the Vinhão grape variety...


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