Rosemary Honey - 280gr

Rosemary Honey - 280gr

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This predominantly pollinated rosemary honey, characterized by its light amber tone, smooth and light and fine texture, is collected between July and August in our apiaries scattered throughout the vast Alentejo plain, Vidigueira County.

 A superfood with recognized health benefits is also recommended on sugar-free diets. Honey can also be used to strengthen the immune system, improve digestive capacity and even relieve constipation.

 Can be consumed directly or with bread, toasts, cheese, ham, pancakes, yogurt, salted or grilled. It is a food free of any fats, gluten-free, which contributes to fighting cholesterol.

Honey can crystallize and this natural process is a guarantee of its quality and purity. When crystallized, it maintains all its nutritional and energetic properties, in addition to maintaining the aroma and flavor. If you wish to return to its most liquid form, you can warm it slightly in a water bath.