Ginger shot bottle
Glass bottle with personalised label and filled with a gingerbased organic shotdrink
Personalised rectangular and white metallic tin filled with Jules Destrooper biscuits.

3D Ice lollipop - personalised.

A personalised white can filled with mini-Dextro energy tabs (± 65 g).

Personalised cube with 5 Dextro Energy tabs.

A natural fresh breeze in a spray. One spray contains 12 ml - good for 200 pushes. The box is personalised with your logo.

1 Mentos chewing gum (mint) in a flow pack.

Chewing gum blister pack with 12 pieces of Mentos chewing gum.
Personalised white or transparent sachet filled with Jelly bears.

Personalised flat lollipop . Mint flavour.

One Mentos in a personalised flow pack (mint or fruit)
Chewing gum blister pack with 12 pieces. (Sugarfree)
Rectangular mint card filled with mints.
Personalised round metallic tin available in different colours and filled with ± 12 g of round mints.

Personalised silver and curved metallic tin with a sliding lid and filled with sugar free liquid mint pearls.

Mint Box filled with 20g of Logo Mints.
Glass tube filled with sugar free liquid mint pearls.
Personalised sachet filled with 2 Mentos mints.